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Travelling Secondary School Programs/Presentations 

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Also available through Videoconferencing (Skype, etc. or H.323)

*Winner of the CILC Pinnacle Award from 2008-2014 based on teacher evaluations.  

American History: Colonial Times to Present - 
Grade 11

Meet The Colonial American Loyalist

An Interview With Benedict Arnold -
Hero or Traitor of the American Revolution?

World History to the 16th Century - Grade 11

Meet The Medieval Peasant 


Canada: History, Identity, and Culture - Grade 12

Meet The Loyalist Settler

Adventures in World History - Grade 12

Meet The Medieval Peasant

World History: The West and the World - Grade 12

 Meet The Medieval Peasant

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City Round-Trip Travel Charges
Brantford $12
Cambridge $7
Guelph $14
Hamilton $14
Kitchener $14
London $42
Mississauga $29
Oakville $22
Waterloo $18

To book a programme,
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Marty Pullin
Phone: 226-606-3161

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