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Ghosts In The Churchyard
Ghosts In the Churchyard

A Medieval Adventure Novel, 151 pages
by Marty Pullin
Illustrated by John Richer
$9.99 each
$8.99 each/class set of 21+


It’s midnight in the medieval village of Tintinhull. A group of children, including the twins William and Emily, have gathered in the churchyard to watch for a special type of ghost. That same night night the village is
robbed by a gang of thieves. Anger, suspicion, and poverty threaten to destroy the community. The twins are just learning that they have been gifted with special powers. Can they save their village from doom?
  • Fast-paced action and adventure, crime-solving plot
  • First person narrative shared between boy and girl characters
  • 84 original drawings illustrating daily medieval life
    Available at 2 Reading Levels
    • Ghosts In The Churchyard is also available in a shorter, easier-to-read version. $10.99 each or $9.99 each/class set of 21+ ($1/book more expensive than regular edition due to higher print-on-demand costs, larger type, and greater spacing of text) 
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    The Teacher’s Guide
    (for Ghosts in the Churchyard & Peasants and Thieves)
    • Features 26 complete lesson plans for a full-term novel-study program, and cross-curricular activities combining language, heritage, geography, music, math, science, art, dance, and drama.
    • Written by an elementary teacher using 6 key reading strategies, and Tribes
    • Includes the historical background of the story
    • Historically accurate portrayal of lives of medieval peasants, often a hard topic to research
    • 8 page glossary, maps, medieval songs with musical notation
    • Includes detailed plans for holding a medieval feast in which students take on the roles of characters from the novel.
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    $49.99 each
    $34.99 each with class set of 21+ novels                  

    About the Author
    Marty Pullin grew up on a dairy farm at the village of Sheffield, Ontario,
    where he still resides with his wife Emily and their two daughters
    Alberta and Helen. He graduated with a degree in history and English
    from the University of Guelph. He has completed thousands of hours of scholarly research into medieval history, particularly peasant life. He shares this knowledge by visiting schools disguised as a medieval peasant and answering any and all questions from students. In addition to the 2 titles here, he has written a non-fictional book, Life In The Country.

    About the Illustrator
    John Richer grew up near the village of Sheffield, Ontario. His
    grandmother encouraged him at a young age to express himself through
    art. After completing a bachelor of arts degree in English at York University
    and a diploma in Graphic Design at Mohawk College, he began his career
    in the Graphic Arts. John currently resides in the town of Rockwood with
    his wife Julie and sons Carter and Noah. John pursues a variety of artistic
    endeavors which include drawing, painting and music.

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